Basics of a Collaberation

I am a furniture artist, so please view these as pieces of art,...functional art pieces if you will. 
Every piece of furniture is cleaned thoroughly inside and out before refinishing.  Every piece gets conditioned on the inside of the drawers and shelving with a special wood conditioner called Big Mama's Butta (it's orange grove scent).  Each piece gets the appropriate topcoat. We repair any dings or gouges in the furniture before painting (or staining if that is the case).  Essentially we fix and finish every piece as if we would have it in our own home so you can be assured the finished product will be as perfect as we can make it.   We can absolutely do a very normal clean, strip, and stain on any piece of furniture.  If you think you would like a more artistic finish, my clients usually do one of two things.  1)- They give me a color or a theme, and I usually collaborate with them about their ideas for color or where the piece is going to go and figure out an idea together about what they want.  2)- they like a color scheme or idea I have already done and say, "do that to this piece of furniture."
For my more artistic pieces, I try to make them special and one of a kind. Every one of my painted furniture pieces has added details to make it a unique piece of art, whether it is stenciling on the drawers, decoupage, raised stenciling, or gilding wax detail on the hardware. Extra care is taken to ensure a truly stunning and special piece of furniture.