About Robert and Mollybee

Married for 11 years, we have a real passion for living life to the fullest and find true contentment in creating works of art. We've gained a true appreciation for diversity and culture traveling the world and learning about many ways of life.
We have 3 "children". Freya Ophelia Schlenkerman (Freya is in the back), Winifred Esperanza Schlenkerman (Fred for short), and Sawyer Simon Schlekerman (cat).
Our Story:  We work as Registered Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit. After working through the pandemic, we realized quite a few things.  One of them being that peace and a creative outlet are actually more important than we realized.  Molly began painting furniture as more of a hobby, and Robert was in charge of the woodworking, problem solving, and the technical side of things, all while providing creative insight as well.  Once Molly realized there was a whole world of creative furniture artistry she was hooked!  Since then, Robert and Mollybee's has grown organically and has turned out to be the true blessing we both needed.